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May - June 2013
What's on Where
Exhibition ‘Come Home’ by Simone Bennett at BERM, Amsterdam. Amongst others the short film ‘Motor’. On show will be The Truth Machine, Motor and new photo works she made in collaboration with Lonneke Worm. Address: Krugerplein 36a, Amsterdam

Masterclass by Bea de Visser at Forum, about her film projects for young filmmakers held during the film festival Art Film Fest in Trencianske Teplice, June 24 to 25, 2013. Forum is a two-day event focusing on the challenges surrounding the distribution of European Arthouse films in Europe. The event combines masterclass, workshops, roundtable discussions and individual meetings with international experts in the field of distribution and film presentation.
De Visser's masterclass inquires and discusses renewed interest for the performative, the sonorous language of music, the social context of film and the fundamental changes of mindset in relation to production, publicity and distribution.

Pear-shaped Explorations Project (2013) by Bea de Visser . The art project - a series of staged and recorded performances - began in spring 2013 and will continuously grow over time.
The introduction of the project was embedded in the context of a performance expedition for the Urban Explorers festival. An expedition comprising four different performances, as part of her research on language and sound as a method of communication, incomprehension and manipulation, with guests Nicoline van Harskamp and Z’EV. Nicoline van Harskamp joined with a new work ‘European English Exercise’ and Z’EV with a ‘Lullaby' on carillon.

The Dordrecht Museum invited Bea de Visser in the context of Urban Explorers 2013, to make the the first public rehearsal, as a preliminary to the art project. Thereby was she kept to the audience component of the hiking expedition format as existing within the framework of Urban Explorers. By way of introduction to the art project Bea de Visser wrote a scenario for two actors in the role of composer and writer, with absurd dialogues on language and sound, with a nod to the social media, contemporary composed-, pop- and film music. The city bell-ringer performed at times when the particular piece was discussed in the dialogue. As resounded The Stranglers, the introduction tune of James Bond and the key composition of Erik Satie, that would be later staged in the Pear-shaped Exploration Project.

Pear-shaped Explorations by Bea de Visser is a series of staged and recorded performances that investigates how we are positioned and where we find ourselves in the social space. Bea de Visser focuses on the act of listening. The introduction of the project Bea de Visser works with countertenor Oscar Verhaar and two pianists Javier Krohn and Erwin Rommert Weerstra. It is the examination of 'Modest Doubt' which is performed here for the first time in a study stage. As part of her research on language and sound as a method of communication, incomprehension and manipulation she invited two guests for her program within the context of a performance expedition, Nicoline van Harskamp with 'European English Exeercise' and Z'EV with a 'Lulaby' on carillon.

March- May
Exhibition 'Yours in Solidarity / Reading Anarchism', The Statement Series by Nicoline van Harskamp at the New Art Space Amsterdam (NASA).
In the series 'Reading Anarchism', ‘On language and thought’, performed by Bea de Visser
Following participating speakers: Jan Ritsema, Michnea Mircan, Geert Lovink, Mariko Peters, Ahmet Öğüt, Charles Esche, Elena Bajo, Nienke Terpsma, Frans Bromet and others. All titles of their chosen books will be available as a laser printed booklet at NASA, and can be downloaded for free at The Anarchist Library.

Other Screenings & exhibitions
May - June
'Inventory of the Motherland' by Ben van Lieshout in theatrical release by Mokumfilm Amsterdam. A colorful celebration of image, sound and music of the Russia just before the Revolution and of Russia now. Inspired by the work of photographer Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii (1863-1944), inventor of color photography in Russia. NL 2012, 75 min.

Chairs Missing (2011) by Bea de Visser
- Videographe, one channel installation for the exhibition project by sound artist Chantal Dumas, Montreal, Canada
- Ciné Cercle2, Espace Cercle Carré, cinema display, Montreal, Canada
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Since 2005 Anotherfilm has developed itself in an initiative that participates in contemporary and renewing art projects by a small ‘group’ of visual artists and filmmakers. Anotherfilm works as an art consultancy and curator. It provides lectures and workshops.

above: Invitation card by Simone Bennett
down: Rehearsal piano part for Modest Doubt by Javier Krohn and Erwin Rommert Weerstra
Pear-shaped Explorations Project 2013 by Bea de Visser
Photo by Daphne Gorter

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In pre production
A Kronstadt Tale
a film by Ben van Lieshout

Treatment available in English / French / Dutch

Anotherfilm +31107859333/ + 31621555353
Van Lieshout Filmproducties + 31616718472
one of the locations of 'A Kronstadt Tale'
Mama Superfreak
screenplay written and directed by Bea de Visser
14 minutes
Presskit available

Excerpt of the film
BOLD DVD Chairs Missing € 15,00 . Mail your order to
BOLD Also available on VOD

In one long shot this adaptation of ‘La Mamma Fricchettona’, a monologue by Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo, shows Viviane De Muynck in a humorous elucidation of a woman’s odyssey from doting motherhood to a state of independence whilst addressing an invisible and anonymous man.
poster 'Chairs Missing'. Graphic Design STUDIO BEIGE


Excerpt of the film
DVD Chairs Missing € 15,00 . Mail your order to
Also available on VOD

With Simon Versnel
Scenario, direction and editing:
Bea de Visser
Original format: RED 4k
Screening format: HDCam stereo/ Blu Ray Dolby 5.1
No dialogue, 18 minutes

Short synopsis:
Brief encounters in a semi enclosed public space, the pool. These brief encounters are more suggested than actually proposed, because the action ultimately always occurs offscreen. In a stream of repetitive patterns without added music score, no text and the lack of a plot, we can not escape the underlying tension evoked as we witness people who meet in an empty, barren public space .

More information under 'recent projects' CHAIRS MISSING and
front cover DVD 'Chairs Missing'. Graphic Design STUDIO BEIGE