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Anotherfilm looks forward to film projects thought of beyond the horizon of film, visual arts, design, literature, sound and performance. Bea de Visser leads the production studio among others as a production and script consultant. In addition to activities as (co) production and scenario advice, Anotherfilm develops seminars among others for the HKU University of Arts, Faculty of Art and Media Technology in Utrecht, Faculty Theatre in Utrecht and works as an art consultant for a corporate art collection. Additionally, the production studio operates as 'headroom' for personal film projects by Bea de Visser.
Anotherfilm has cooperated on projects of ao Nicoline van Harskamp, Sabina van der Linden, Christiaan Bastiaans, Ben van Lieshout, Pim Zwier, Linde Faas, Aaron Rookus, Flatform (D / It).

Commissioned projects for ao International Film Festival Rotterdam, MetropolisM, Grand Theatrre Groningen, Rijksbouwmeester, Pleinmuseum / Centraal Museum, Dordrecht Museum, Merz Akademie (D), Rijksakademie Amsterdam and National Theatre Luxembourg (L).

Productions in development Anotherfilm (2014), "Englishes" a new project Nicoline van Harskamp, 'Dust', scenario for a feature film by Relinde de Graaff and Bea de Visser, an international co-production with the artist collective Flatform (Milan / Berlin) and 'Pear-Shaped Expeditions Project' a performance project, scripted and directed by Bea de Visser.

Realised in 2012 - 2013, ao the production of the installation / film 'Yours in Solidarity' by Nicoline van Harskamp and advise for an internet television series Sabijn van der Linden. Anotherfilm guided and adviced the scenario 'Interzone', a drama documentary about / Bart Chabot and the documentary 'Inventory of the Motherland' by Ben van Lieshout.

Earlier projects, the short film: "Motor" by Simone Bennett, "Chairs Missing" and "Mama Super Freak" by Bea de Visser, the feature film 'The Muse' by Ben van Lieshout (NL) and the international dance theater project by Jean Guillaume Weis 'Catastrophes', for which Bea de Visser scripted, directed and recorded the video scenery in co-production with the National Theatre of Luxembourg (LU).
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