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Vanya 2005

Bea De Visser
excerpt registration: 2" min.
original duration: 8-channels 13 min. HDV

Excerpt of the film

Vanya runs for her life, what for, where ever ... Bea de Visser creates for the Pleinmuseum pavillion a surreal montage by which she makes maximal use of classical, filmic 'suspense'. All means and techniques add to the slow tension; not only the film set (the elongated seaside of Normandy in France), the virtuoso actress (Vanya Rose) and the estranging sound effects, but also the photography (by Bea de Visser herself) and of course the edit, are interwoven into an extreme branched off network.

  • HDV, 8- channel projection, duration 8 X 13 minutes
  • director, camera: Bea de Visser
  • Vanya: Vanya Rose
  • Location France: Jeroen Degenaar, Hans Eijses, Jean Ressicaud
  • Production: Anotherfilm
  • Commissioned by Stichting Pleinmuseum and Centraal Museum Utrecht

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