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The Second Memory 2004

Bea De Visser
11 minutes, 35 mm

Excerpt of The Second Memory

Portrait of a woman (Marketa Kulhankova) and of pictures of her, taken around the year 1953 by her photographer husband. De Visser had made an installation in 1994, using pictures she had painted based on her photographic portraits. During a world tour of this work the woman was recognised by her grand daughter at the exhibition at the National Gallery Prague. In this film, De Visser visits the lady in Prague, now in advancing years, for the first time. The discrepancies between past and present are intriguing.

  • 35mm film, 11 minutes
  • production: Anotherfilm
  • scenario, director: Bea de Visser
  • camera: Miroslav Janek
  • HD technique: Tomas Majer
  • sound: Michael Micek
  • edit, animation: Bea de Visser
  • the woman: Marketa Kulhankova
  • music: the use of ashes
  • assistant director & production: Hans Eijses, Renata Vlckova
  • the paintings: The Skipping Mind, oil on canvas [ BdV 1994 ]
  • production: Anotherfilm
The paintings and animaton in the film descent from the installation THE SKIPPING MIND
animaton sequence: 5"56 minutes
25 Paintings are based on a found black and white photograph of an unknown woman. These paintings are animated to recapture the moment that once must have happened; an interaction between photographer and model. The Skipping Mind shows an imagined memory and the gaps of recognition that come together with a remembrance. The installation encloses the painted stills and the animation of these portraits.

  • single channel projecton digital animaton - 25 paintings (40x50cm, oil on canvas)
  • image processing, painting: Bea de Visser

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