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The Barren Land 2001

Bea De Visser
excerpt: 2"53 min
original duration: 8 minutes, 35mm

Excerpt of the film

A man (Richard Strange), lost in desolation, shows up on a wasteland, a barren plane and a narrow alley. A torn up monologue by a man who has temporary lost his tracks. The Barren Land is loosely based on monologues from the great Tragedies and other words of rumour, humour and horror.
The principle character goes through stages of distortion. He creates situations that excite him or that might bring him back on the main tracks of mind that he has temporary lost. Light-footed, boisterous, absurd and touching The Barren Land tells about primal loneliness, one of most individual and simultaneously most general emotions.

All words are found footage i.e. Oedipus, Hamlet, Hank Williams, Mae West, Hugo Claus, Bert Schierbeek, Mick Jagger and the Guinness Book of Records

  • 35mm film, 8"35 minutes - Dolby Digital
  • Language: English
  • Producer: Pieter van Huystee
  • Scenario/ director: Bea de Visser
  • The man: Richard Strange
  • Camera: Stef Tijdink
  • Sound: Mark Glynne
  • Music: Peter Hoeks
  • Edit/ concept sound: Bea de Visser
  • Line production: Hetty Krapels, Sylvia Baan
  • Production: Pieter van Huystee Film

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