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Mozart (Bea's Owl) 2007

Bea de Visser
excerpt: 2"26 min.
original duration: 7"51 min. HDV

Theatrical imagery for CIRCUSISM, a performance by the jazz ensemble I COMPANI

Excerpt of the film

A performance: Mozart is watching for minutes until he..... flies away.
MOZART (Bea's owl) is a theatrical film, a performance by an owl. This film exploits the anticipation of something about what to happen, incited by the live music on the stage. The eagle owl Mozart is the performer, who affects with his beauty, caressability, lust to kill and deadly weapons. With an occasional black sense of humour for projection, dream images, hallucinations and bizarre illusions with respect to the bird slide over each other like planes of moods. Finally it happens: the bird flies away.

Circusism is a project by jazz ensemble I Compani initiated by Bo van de Graaf and DZIGA. Circusism was on tour in 2007-2008 with 8 films in search for the basic notion of Circus. Films are made by: Bea de Visser, Paul en Menno de Nooijer, Judit Hettema, Erik Urlings, Harrie Timmermans, Maayke Kleinbussink & Maaike Lange, Huub Kistemaker, Douwe Dijkstra & Coen Huisman.

  • HDV video, 7"51 min.
  • Director, editing: Bea de Visser
  • Camera: Jacques Laureys
  • Eagle Owl: Mozart
  • music (live performance): I Compani
  • guidance Mozart: Yvette van Velthuisen
    production: Anotherfilm
  • Music: Morton Feldman
  • Production: Anotherfilm

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