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Motor 2011

Written and directed by Simone Bennett
Composed by Simon Lenski
Original format: RED 4k
Screening format: HDCam stereo/ Blu Ray Dolby 5.1
No dialogue, 9 minutes

Excerpt of the film

Short film/music piece about how paranoia spreads like a virus.

Motor is a short film/music piece about how paranoia spreads like a virus. We follow the secretive behaviour of a group of seven inhabitants of an apartment building. Inside sadness seeps through the walls, while outside, fear escalates like burning flames.

About the Filmmakers:
Simone Bennett is a filmmaker and visual artist based in Amsterdam. After graduating from the audio visual art department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, she worked as a filmmaker in Berlin for several years.
Simone met director of photography Lonneke Worm in a film course seventeen years ago, and they have continued making films together ever since. Their films, produced under the name of Loneproductions, have been shown internationally. For more information:

For Motor, Simone Bennett has teamed up with artist Bea De Visser's production company Anotherfilm.
Instrument maker Yuri Landman created The Dwarf Minke a violin designed especially for Motor's soundtrack. Cellist Simon Lenski composed and recorded the music for the film.

The film was supported by Rotterdam Media Fund, The Netherlands Film Fund The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture

2011 Anotherfilm

Technical details
Exhibition format: projection, hard disk
Screening format: HD/ Blu-Ray/ DCP.
Other formats are available

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