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Just a Minute Yoko 2004

Bea De Visser
excerpt: 58 sec.
original duration: 1 minute, 35mm

Excerpt of the film

An alternative look at Yoko Ono's famous buttocks film from the 1960s. "it's just a statement of the obvious".

'Bottoms, the Wall', is the wallpaper version in the exhibition format: HD/ DVD-loop (duration sequence 22 minutes, no sound)
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DVD release: "zien-kijken-filmen", 10 One Minute Films that are made in Commission by the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2004, a.o. JUST A MINUTE YOKO.+ extra titles a.o. THE SECOND MEMORY by Bea de Visser and other films by a.o. Nicolas Provost (B), Anouk de Clercq (B), Werther Germondari (I), Yael Bartana (NL), Lewis Klahr (USA). 4000 Copies to go with the April issue of the film monthly SKRIEN

  • Production AnotherFilm
  • Written and directed by Bea de Visser
  • Camera: Adri Schrover N.S.C.
  • Voice: Jaap Blonk
  • Language: Guy de Cointet
  • Bottoms: all friends
  • Commissioned by the International Film Festival Rotterdam

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